GROM - Social Network for Kids (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.
How is our app safe? The Grom Social Mobile app was specifically designed to put kids’ safety first. Customized permissions are in place to keep them away from common dangers that social media offers. Along with safety messaging and a Digital Citizen Safety Course, kids get a safe social networking experience with all the cool features adult social media sites offer while learning how to stay safe online. See our safety questions below to answer the common questions.
We have 4 layers of safety built into our app.
  • 1. Content filtering – Every bit of user-generated content from photos to text goes through a content filtering system at WebPurify. All the content is run through a moderation process.
  • 2. Staff Moderation – After content goes through the WebPurify moderation process, our staff of trained and background-checked personnel give this content a second round of human moderation for any bad or “too personal” content that may be shared.
  • 3. User Reports – All content in the app can be reported by a user to alert our staff to double check this content and review it against our policies.
  • 4. Parent Monitoring – Join Grom Social as a parent and have the ability to monitor your child’s activity on Grom Social.
With these 4 layers of monitoring our site, our platform was specifically designed to collect minimal PII (Personally identifiable information) data on users and block them from any potential risks of social media. Along with our teaching of safety online, Grom Social is a safe place for your child to start enjoying social media.
Grom Social gives children all the popular tools of social networking applications. Children require a parent’s approval to perform any activity that allows them to enter any data in our system outside of the standard registration process. These activities include: sending a chat/direct message, creating 15-second video post, adding a description with hashtags, making mentions to friends, liking and sharing content with their friends, and commenting on content they find in the application. All of the social network features in Grom Social have been specially designed to keep kids safe with filtering, monitoring, and permissions in place to ensure that your child will not become witness to any inappropriate content, bullying, or untrue propaganda. Your child will be presented with safety messaging and content throughout our app to help teach them the dangers of the Internet and how to keep themselves safe as they start their digital citizenship.
Anyone aged sixteen and older is considered an adult and cannot connect socially with children in the app. They can join and enjoy some of the fun features we have in the app and see any publicly posted content, but they will not be able to interact with any of the app’s social features. This allows family or friends to join and play as well. Parents can join as a parent account which provides activity monitoring of their approved children.
Have more questions? Send them to us in an email. We will respond, and if the question can help others, we will post it here with the answer. We are here to help.
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At Grom Social, we take kids’ online safety seriously.

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GROM - Social Network for Kids (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.