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The Internet changed everything! It made everyday life so much easier! It’s a lot of fun, too. But the Internet is not all good. It can be dangerous, especially for those who don’t know any better. Raising kids in the information age while keeping them safe is tough. This is why we made Grom Social. We want to help parents teach their kids how to be safe online, and we want kids to have fun online in a safe environment. We’re a social media entertainment site for kids that gives parents all the tools they need to make sure their child is secure.

Parents Worry About Kids on Social Media

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Negative/harmful posts often make kids feel inadequate, depressed and anxious

Parents cite safety as a major concern about their kids on social media and worry about their kids being exposed to predators, bullying, and hate speech, among other negative behaviors. How do we give kids a positive, inclusive social media experience without the negative aspects of society?

The answer is Grom Social !!!

Chatting, creating videos, watching shows, leaving comments — our app has everything a kid wants from a social media site. We also have our own shows and online TV — all kid safe.

Simply go to groms.tv on your Internet browser and let your child stream safe, curated video content with educational Internet safety messages.

This is a great place for a parent who isn’t ready for their child to use typical social networking and wants them to learn how to be “safe” before they do.

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Teaching Online Safety

We even have a cast of original characters called Grom Helpers for kids to talk to and ask questions to about the site. And to ensure their safety, Grom users are presented with pop-up safety messages and a chance to take our Digital Citizenship License course. The Digital Citizenship License course is a short questionnaire kids can take to prove they know how to be safe online.

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But it doesn’t stop there.
With the MamaBear companion app, you’ll be able to instantly start monitoring your child’s activity. With more features coming soon, you will be able to control what features you want your child to access and get notifications when your child does certain activity.

When you approve your child’s account, you will receive a free month of premium service for MamaBear so you can enjoy all the parenting features it has.

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If you have any other questions, visit our Safety Page for an FAQ section or email us at support@gromsocial.com. Take a moment to look over our Privacy Policies and Terms. And keep in mind that your child can watch Grom TVJunior without an account.
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Download our MamaBear parenting app and connect to your child’s Grom Social account to monitor and control their online experience.
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