Parents, the Grom App is for you too.

Introducing your child to social media for the first time can be a daunting and frightening process. With a Parent account from Grom Social, you can help protect your child and feel more secure when they explore online by creating a digital safety net for your child and having conversations about their online journey. From your parent account, you control what personally identifiable information about your children is shared, and monitor their activity including posts, comments, chats, and friend requests


To keep the Grom App safe, all children must have parental approval before they can use any feature that requires the submission of any PII (Personal Identifiable Information) into our system.

We do not collect PII, or any profile-building data without consent. This parental consent can be found in the Parent section of the Grom Social app, simply set up your parent account and connect your Groms. Once permission is granted, all the Groms connected to your parent account at that time and after will be automatically parent-approved.

Using in-app purchases set to the lowest receivable amount ($.99 usd) just allows our app to validate parental consent based on the COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act). You can also review our privacy policy to learn what data we collect and why.

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See All Your Child’s Activity

Once your child’s Grom account is connected to your parent account and approved, your child can start posting publicly in the app or sharing privately with friends.

Use your parent account to monitor the activity of your child in the app, including their friends requests, communications, and connections they make. Grom Social does not allow any harmful or negative content in the app. If your child posts something that is deemed objectionable, you will be informed and that content can only be seen by you. Content that does not meet our rules of conduct will not be visible to the public or any other users in the app.

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