Digital Citizenship License

Grom Social is safe. But kids will naturally explore all over the Internet. Once your child enters their name and uploads a photo in an app or website, they have started their digital citizenship and a digital footprint that will follow them for the rest of their lives. With this new responsibility, it opens up new topics such as: cyberbullying, news and media literacy, online privacy, digital footprints, and communication.

All students need digital citizenship skills to participate fully in their communities and make smart choices online and in life. Grom Social’s Digital Citizenship License (DCL) helps teach kids how to be safe online. There may be countless online sites, but the fundamentals of online safety – like not sharing your personal information with strangers – can be applied anywhere.

Safety Messaging

When using our app, kids will be regularly presented with animated safety messages (see below). After these messages pop up, they’ll be asked if they wish to take the Digital Citizenship License (DCL) Safety Course. Passing the course lets us know they understand these tips, and the messages will no longer appear once they pass the DCL course. But don’t worry: our team regularly posts content encouraging staying safe online.

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DCL Safety Course

The DCL Safety Course consists of six short informational videos for children to watch. The videos are easy to deploy and manage, and they stay relevant by addressing trending topics.
Each video also has a handful of true or false questions to ensure that the child took in all the information. Once the child has finished all the videos, they will have a Grom Safety Verified emblem on their profile. Parents can rest assured that their child knows how to be a good digital citizen.
Our DCL course includes:

  • Oversharing Online
  • Digital Footprints
  • Sharing of Personal Information
  • “By Kids for Kids” Messaging
  • Quick, Easy and Fun
  • Entertaining Videos with Q/A
  • Age Appropriate Learning
  • Cyberbullying Awareness