Connect with Friends

Or make new friends from all over the world.

Grom Social brings social networking to a new level for kids.
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Follow Friends

Stay in touch!

It’s easy to link up and chat with friends and family. Everyone has a unique username. Ask your friends at school for theirs. Then, when you get home, use the search feature! Follow hashtags to find kids from around the world who like the same things you like.
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Like & Comment

Give it a thumbs up!

If you see something awesome, leave a like! Have a similar story? Tell them about it in the comments. And if you want a picture to speak for itself, you can make it so others can’t comment on your posts.

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Get Notified

With notifications, you will never miss a chance to connect.

With push notifications you won’t miss anything, as you will be notified when you don’t have the Grom app open. Then get notifications in the app when you are using it.

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