Advertise on Grom Social?

We have several ways to advertise in our app. Since we promote safety features and have a kid-safe platform, our advertising is limited to personal data filtering by country location, which is considered data that is not Personally Identifiable Information based on COPPA and GDRP-K compliancy.
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Traditional Mobile Advertising:

  • Mobile Intersectional Ads
  • Video Pre-Roll Ads

All of our traditional advertising is delivered through Super Awesome AwesomeAds Network. If you would like to run traditional advertising on Grom Social, please work with Super Awesome to start an advertiser account to begin advertising on the Grom Social Mobile App.

AwesomeAds is the only ad platform built specifically for the requirements of the under 13 market (COPPA and GDPR-K) and the only way to access the AwesomeAds Marketplace.

Sample Video Preroll Ad

Sample Mobile Intersectional Ad

Custom Section Take Overs:

Our app offers unique forms of advertising to really get kids attention and also make your brand stand out from the rest.

Gromatar Take Over

Gromatar is another safety feature of Grom Social. It allows kids to create their custom cartoon avatar with accessories. This can be branded with client assets for the characters or the accessories.

Safety Screen Take Overs

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Safety Screens are 7-second videos that randomly play for users that have not passed their DCL safety course. safety course. These videos all must contain a message about Internet safety but can be branded for any client.

Funny Faces Take Overs

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Funny Faces is a safety feature that allows users to put masks over their faces with facial recognition. All the masks, effects, and filters can be custom created for any client. As masks are used by a user, their shelf life becomes infinite in that user’s stream of posts.

We currently can put together monthly packages for any earlier adopters of one of our Custom Take Over advertising opportunities. This will change as our analytics come in and we base sales on a per-view basis. Start today to get the most benefits from running flat monthly package fees before it’s too late.