Grom Safe Advertising

Unique Advertising Ideas

We offer several ways to advertising in Grom Social through our Grom Safe Ad Program. See the different ways you can run ads to our audience.

Grom Safe Advertising

Video Ads:

  • Unique Video Size
  • Video Pre-Roll 0Ads
Grom Safe Ads are 15 Second video preoll ads in a unique vertical portrait format. This give your campaign the maximum real-estate to better fit the way the younger audience inject content in this mobile age.
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Grom Safe Advertising

Augmented Reality Ads:

  • Unique form Of AdvertisingSize
  • Longer Shelf life Campaigns
  • Endless Creative Options
Grom Safe AR ads are augmented reality camera filters that can range from masks, to effects, to watermarked logo placements and more. You can run a contest where kids can create and submit their results.
Grom Safe AR Ads
Grom Safe AR Ads

Traditional Mobile Advertising:

  • Mobile Intersectional Ads
  • Video Pre-Roll Ads
All of our traditional advertising is delivered through Super Awesome AwesomeAds Network. If you would like to run traditional advertising on Grom Social, please work with Super Awesome to start an advertiser account to begin advertising on the Grom Social Mobile App. Advertisers 4
Advertisers 2AwesomeAds is the only ad platform built specifically for the requirements of the under 13 market (COPPA and GDPR-K) and the only way to access the AwesomeAds Marketplace.
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