Wait, what’s a Grom?

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Zach Marks, the creator of Grom Social, and his family are surfers. A “grommet” or “grom” is surfer slang for a young surfer.

Grom Social was created in 2012 when Zach was only 11 years old, after he got in trouble with his parents for going on social media and lying about his age. Zach, with the help of his younger siblings, has created a platform that is not only safe for kids but fun too.

Grom Social’s devotion to social responsibility, good digital citizenship, and positive social interaction is unique to the world of kid’s social media. Keeping Groms safe online is our number one priority! Inappropriate content or behavior (videos, photos, language, bullying, etc.) is identified by digital filters and our cast of Grom Helpers. Grom Helpers are real people that monitor the site 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

At Grom Social, kids connect, create, and explore in a safe social network created by kids for kids!

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Once you sign up for Grom Social, you will be able to follow the Marks Family — from Zach Marks, the creator of Grom Social, to his younger sister Caroline Marks, the World Surfing League’s youngest professional surfer.
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