Spring Break Online Safety

Spring break internet safety

Spring break is almost here and for parents, internet safety for kids is likely a growing concern. The Grom Social app teaches kids online safety, in a safe social platform created for kids. Social media platforms with active adult users are a dangerous place for kids and teens. Bad content to bad users is commonplace, making these platforms unsafe for our kids to explore.

Grom Social offers a safe place where kids can enjoy the social media world in a safe and controlled environment. All content is monitored and filtered so parents do not have to worry about what they will see. Adults cannot interact with children adding another way parents can be assured of online safety for their children. Parents can read more in our parents’ section, or check out some FAQ’s in our safety section.

Spring break internet safety for kids checklist

  • Find out what apps are on your child’s phone
  • Remember to remove any adult social apps for children under 13
  • Get any usernames and passwords of apps your child uses
  • Talk to your kids about the dangers of being online
  • Teach them how to make good decisions online

Along with a safe platform, Grom Social also helps to teach kids important safety tips that will help them stay safe anytime they are online. #GromSmart is our #hashtag for safety. Helpers and celebrities post safety tips for kids to learn how to stay safe online. If your child is asking to join social media, try GROM – Social Networking for kids app. The Grom Social app is available on both IOS and Android, and it’s Free!

Grom Social internet safety for kids IOSinternet safety for kids

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With Grom Social, you will get a free month of MamaBear Family Safety app. This allows you to track your Childs location, set safe areas for them to go and also get notifications about Grom Social activity they are performing on the app.

Let Grom Social and MamaBear keep your kids safe online this Spring Break. Start by downloading the Grom Social mobile app and sign up for your free account.