A New Grom Social

Grom Social New Mobile App

A New Grom Social

Welcome to a whole new Grom Social for 2019. We have a kid safe social networking platform that is fully COPPA Compliant and addresses common problems children and their parents face with social media.

GROM - Social Network for Kids (mobile app) is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

and, with all new features Grom Social App brings social networking to kids like never before.  

For instance, here are the new features include:

  • Direct messaging
  • Video recording with face filters and effects
  • Notifications
  • Profiles with custom colors
  • Gromatar cartoon avatars
  • Grom TV exclusive videos on demand
  • Search and discovery section
  • Hashtags and mentions in post descriptions
  • Liking and commenting
  • Sharing with direct message (DM)
  • Doodle drawings in DM’s
  • Share photos in DM’s
Grom Social Mobile App
Create, Watch, Discover, Connect, and Share with kids around the world.

CREATE – videos, and use hilarious face filters or effects.
WATCH – over 1,000 hours of Grom TV shows.
DISCOVER – new videos and friends around the world, daily.
CONNECT – with friends, celebrities, and athletes.
SHARE – the best moments in life with friends.

For The Parents Safety

But it is not all for the kids. Parents can have peace of mind to.
We have 4 layers of safety built into our app.

  • 1. Content filtering – Every bit of user-generated content from photos to text goes through a content filtering system at Web Purify. All the content is run through a moderation process.
  • 2. Staff Moderation – After content goes through the Web Purify moderation process, our staff of trained and background-checked personnel give this content a second round of human moderation for any bad or “too personal” content that may be shared.
  • 3. User Reports – All content in the app can be reported by a user to alert our staff to double check this content and review it against our policies.
  • 4. Parent Monitoring – With our MamaBear parenting app, parents have the ability to monitor and control their child’s Grom Social account.

With these 4 layers of monitoring our site, our platform was specifically designed to collect minimal PII (Personally identifiable information) data on users and block them from any potential risks of social media. Along with our teaching of safety online, Grom Social is a safe place for your child to start enjoying social media.

Teaching Kids Safe Social Media

The DCL Safety Course consists of six short informational videos for children to watch. The videos are easy to deploy and manage, and they stay relevant by addressing trending topics.
Each video also has a handful of true or false questions to ensure that the child took in all the information. Once the child has finished all the videos, they will have a Grom Safety Verified emblem on their profile.

As a result, parents can rest assured that their child knows how to be a good digital citizen.

Our DCL course covers:

  • Oversharing Online
  • Digital Footprints
  • Sharing of Personal Information
  • “By Kids for Kids” Messaging
  • Quick, Easy and Fun
  • Entertaining Videos with Q/A
  • Age Appropriate Learning
  • Cyberbullying Awareness

Start your kid safe social media experience today.

Download Grom Social App – It’s Free!

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