The Grom Story

Zach Marks got the idea for Grom Social when he was 11 years old, after he got in trouble with his dad for using a popular social networking site that’s geared toward adults. That’s when he and his 5 siblings set out to create the “Grom Pound” – a cool hub of fun stuff to do while learning. Since Zach and his brothers and sisters are all home schooled through Florida Virtual School, they are globally connected. They told some of their FLVS friends about the Grom Pound, and asked if anyone wanted to help. Genius Joe, Savvy Sue, George, Josie, Global Gabriella, and Education Eduardo all happily accepted the invitation. Each friend comes from a different part of the world and offers a unique skill to the team of Grom Helpers. They set into action as soon as they got to the Grom Pound, but right away everyone realized they still needed more help. Genius Joe immediately jumped to action and set up a tower to put out a Grom beacon. The beacon sent a signal out a holographic time capsule into the universe calling other kids to come help make the Grom Pound even more fun and educational.

Then some really strange things started to happen...

 ...The team started getting messages from prospective helpers but….they were aliens! The first call came from Developer Dan in Tech-Topia, from the Gromarama5 Solar System. He said that he heard their signal on a Grom Radio he built, and he wanted to help. The team asked him how he could help, and the next thing they knew he was at the Grom Pound! But Dan didn’t come alone. Since his planet was the farthest out in the Gromarama5 Solar System, he had to pass a couple of planets along the way. As he journeyed to Earth, he ran into several unique individuals. The first planet he passed was Skaturn, where it is filled with ramps and jumps, and has a ring around it. Well, Skate-Ray just happened to be skating around the ring of the planet when Dan flew by. So he dropped in after Dan asked him to join the team.


The next planet was Healthious. This planet has really strong gravity and actually pulled Dan’s ship into its atmosphere. And it’s a good thing, too, because otherwise we wouldn’t have met Pumped-Up Paul and Marathon Mary. They are a great addition to the team because they know a lot about health and fitness. They got in their spacecraft and followed along. 

As the travelers were about to pass the sun of Gromarama5, they could hear an odd voice coming from a smaller planet. This was Uniq-Unus, a very strange planet to say the least. That’s where they picked up Trevor. He was such a positive, upbeat individual the team knew he would fit in great. 

To read more about each character and their role at the Grom Pound, see the Grom Helper.